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Norms and Guidelines for establishment of Examination Centre for NIOS (Effective from October - November 2013 Public Examination)

1. Schools to be selected as Examination Centres for NIOS Public Examinations as per the sequence of order given below:

S.No. Types of Schools Category
i Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV)/ Navodya Vidyalayas (JNV), Autonomous Body Schools under MHRD, Government of India and Accredited Institute of NIOS (AI). A
ii Reputed CBSE/ICSE affiliated Schools/ Defence Sector Schools. B
iii State Government or State Govt. aided Schools having requisite infrastructure C
iv Reputed State Board/Council affiliated independent schools including Intermediate College/Junior (+2 Level) College.  D
v Govt./Government aided Colleges and Reputed Degree Colleges/ Technical Colleges / any other Colleges affiliated to any University  having requisite infrastructure. E

The Regional Director should select the Schools for Examination Centres as per the above preference and in case of non availability of school on higher preference, next preference should be selected while considering examination centre for a particular area/place. In case of schools selected under categories C, D & E, physical inspection of the institutions is mandatory.

2. In case Accredited Institute of NIOS is fixed for examination centre, the allotment of candidate should not be interchanged between the Accredited Institutions. It should be from AI-X to Y, Y to Z and Z to X.

3. As far as possible, self centre may be avoided and if it is necessary, there should be reasonable justification for the approval of Director (Evaluation), NIOS. However, Practical and Theory examination can be conducted at the same SAID (study centre) for their own candidate exclusively for differently-abled candidates.

4. Regional level Examination Centre Fixation Committee (EFC) Constitution
(i) The Regional Director, NIOS
(ii) The Regional Officer of KVS/NVS or representative of KVS/NVS
(iii) The Regional Officer of CBSE or representative of RO, CBSE
(iv) One Member of group 'A' or 'B' Officer from State Education Department

The Regional Director should constitute a Committee consisting of the above Officers to convene a meeting for the finalization of the selection of examination centres. The Regional Director should place all the facts including Black Listed Schools and figures with total number of acceptances received to finalize the Centre Notification. Minutes of the Committee should be prepared along with justification note for selecting or not selecting a school for exam centre in respect of all the Centre acceptances received in the Regional Centre.

5. Constitution of Inspection Team for Inspection of School (only for Category C,D & E) for the selection of Examination Centre:
(i) Regional Director or one member not below the level of Section Officer to be deputed by the Regional Director.
(ii) One member serving or retired not below the rank of group 'B' Officer from outside, preferably KVS/NVS or State Education Department. The remuneration for inspection of the school for the Outside Member will be paid minimum Rs. 400/- for one school and maximum Rs. 800/- per day, subject to inspection of minimum two schools in a day. Actual TA will be paid as per NIOS norms.
(iii) The Committee should use the annexed proforma for the inspection of schools for the Fixation of Examination Centre for NIOS.

6. The Regional Centre should maintain a panel of schools for the use of examination centre mentioning their category on the basis of the above gradation as indicated at serial no. 1, physical inspection and past performance report.

7. The Regional Director should give order of preference based on the category (A) to (E) while considering the schools for examination centre in a particular area/place. Again preference may further be given to schools under each category having better accessibility and infrastructures.

8. The panel of schools maintained for the use of examination centre may be updated from time to time by including new names on the basis of physical inspection report and report of previous examination.

9. The Regional Director may consult and take the help of Director of Education or State Board/ Controller of Examinations of University/ District Magistrate to obtain centre acceptance from the best/reputed State Board Schools in their locality.

10. The Regional Directors should forward the copies of all Centre Acceptances received by the Regional Centre along with a Draft Centre Notification of recommending schools for consideration by NIOS Headquarters.

11. The Regional Centres should prepare the list of schools not selected as an Examination Centre with reason and the same must be forwarded to the Director (Evaluation) along with the recommendation of Centre Notification and the same must be uploaded on the Regional Centre website.

12. All recommended centres should be duly marked with the preferred category i.e. A/B/C/D/E against the centre number on the Centre Notification.

13. If the School agrees for centre, the Regional Director may get an undertaking from the Principal of the school for smooth and fair conduct of examination. In case, the Principal does not act as Superintendent then the Vice Principal, a PGT/Senior most regular teacher of the same school can only be recommended as per guidelines of NIOS.

14. In case, Kendriya Vidyalaya is fixed as an Examination Centre, the minimum strength of accommodation of candidates should not be less than 30 in each room for a particular subject of examination, subject to the availability of candidate in the centre.

15. The selection of centre will be the personal responsibility of the Regional Director. He has to submit an Undertaking that every care has been taken and norms have been followed in selecting the centre while submitting the Centre Notification to the Director (Evaluation) for approval of the final selection of Examination Centre.

16. In case of Regional Centre - Chandigarh and Delhi - having large number of Exam centres, a Committee consisting of three members i.e. Director (Evaluation), Director (SSS) and one nominee from the CBSE or KVS be constituted to finalize the centre notification after receipt of the proposals from the Regional Examination Fixation Committee (EFC) and recommended by the Regional Director, concerned. Finally the recommendation of the examination centres will be approved by the Director (Evaluation) as per the Examination bylaws of NIOS.

17. The Centre Acceptance form given by the schools/ colleges should have the passport size photograph of the Centre Superintendent which should be affixed on the acceptance form. The Acceptance Form should also contain the details for affiliation number and its validity status.

18. The AIs (study centres of NIOS) and other schools having facility of CCTV may be given preference in selection of Exam Centre in the concerned category.

19. The Acceptance Form for establishing the Examination Centre for conduct of NIOS examination will be displayed on NIOS website as well as on the website of Regional Centre. The Acceptance Form can be submitted offline as well.

20. The Centres indicated at Sl. No. (iv) & (v) will invariably be selected on physical inspection of the Examination Centre by the inspection team.